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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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no? >> the woman known as the serial stowaway once again managed to board a plane without a ticket. place say marilyn hartman flew from minnesota to florida where she was arrested yesterday. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> happy tuesday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. we begin with developing news. a car burglary suspect on the loose after allegedly trying to run down an officer from santa clara prompting that officer to open fire. the confrontation happened last night on el camino real in sunnyvale and kpix 5's kiet do is at the same intersection in sunnyvale where the incident played out and where a high- speed chance began. >> reporter: good morning. an officer-involved shooting is unusual for sunnyvale and santa clara but it just goes to show you it can happen anywhere. this all began yesterday evening at 6:00 when a santa
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clara police officer was investigating a car burglary suspect in santa clara. the officer was in an unmarked suv and followed the mercedes to sunnyvale. the officer then tried to pull the mercedes over at el camino real and wolfe road, got out and walked towards the car. investigators say the driver of the mercedes used it as a weapon. >> the vehicle drove toward the officer at a high rate of speed. the officer fearing for his life fired several shots at the vehicle. the suspect was last seen going on wolfe road. >> reporter: a second officer arrived on scene tried to chase the suspect but lost him. they do not have a good description of that suspect. and can only say that that white mercedes sedan has bullet holes in it. kiet do, kpix 5.
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>> police are not sure how many people were inside the mercedes that sped away. there's sunshine coming. >> i'm happy to know there's more rain next week. >> i know. >> so i'll give you sunshine. >> did you say 80? did i hear 80 over there. >> yes, i did go there. for friday. we'll feature that on the seven- day forecast. the most important note is we have the return of patchy fog also take a look at these temperatures on your tv screen. it is cooler than it has been. it's not so balmy. it's more of that dry air mass in place at 45 in san ramon, 42 degrees and areas of fog into santa rosa. taking a look at your temperatures for today, very similar to yesterday with the sunshine minus the cloud cover. numbers all the way to 67 degrees in oakland. but going for an outside number today of 69 degrees in gilroy. there you have it. frank revealed it.
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the record high temperatures anticipated by friday. here liz with traffic. here's a live look at milpitas 880 and 237 everything off to a fun start there, no delay. if you are heading on westbound 580 we are just getting word of what sounds like a possible hit- and-run crash. it's reported in livermore westbound 580 near portola. looks like it's already on the right-hand shoulder. 18 minutes and patchy fog in the area. here's a live look at the bay bridge the toll plaza all clear in the cash and the fastrak lanes. san mateo bridge traffic is fine in either direction. traveling on 880, actually you can get kind of a clear view of the east bay from this shot. highway 13, 580, everything still in the green. northbound and southbound on the nimitz fine. same thing with 101 and 280 along the pins and bart is on time. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a wild scene on the highways of los angeles county
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as a gunman led police on a high-speed chase in heavy rush hour traffic. the latest from cbs reporter bigad shaban. >> extremely dangerous situation. >> reporter: the afternoon rush turned into a scary commute for drivers south and east of downtown los angeles monday. a man suspected of stealing a toyota camera sped through residential streets in an effort to evade police. [ screaming ] >> reporter: collided with several cars while speeding through intersections sometimes driving into oncoming traffic. it was a wrong way collision that brought the camry to a stop. >> if he hit me hard in the front i would have been gone, he was going so fast. >> he has a weapon! >> reporter: he got out of the camry and carjacked another vehicle sending the driver running into the street. >> i opened the door and ran out. >> reporter: he sped off and continued leading the chase. the pursuit continued on major highways with police following
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behind. >> this guy desperate, armed and definitely trying to get away! >> reporter: but the driver's luck ran out when he got wedged in heavy traffic. he fled on foot and tried to get into another car but was shot at by police as he ran down the road. he was taken away by ambulance and likely faces a very long list of charges. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> the woman dubbed the serial stowaway arrested another time. investigators say 63-year-old marilyn hartman got on a plane out of minnesota en route to florida without a ticket. that's not all. when she got there, police say she impersonated a hotel guest to get a room at a resort the jacksonville. after that she was caught and slipped away and took shelter in a room that was being renovated there. police arrested hartman a number of times at the san francisco airport for trying to board flights without tickets. last year she did manage to sneak on a flight from san jose down to l.a. two lawsuits are now filed aimed at forcing more environmental reviews of california's high-speed rail
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projects. the plaintiffs include several citizens groups and local governments. one suit is against the surface transportation board, which regulates the nation's railroads. the other is against the pins corridor joint powers board which oversees caltrain. both lawsuits were filed yesterday. 5:06. new details in a case of a kensington police detective who had his gun stolen during an encounter with a prostitute in nevada. police in reno are doubting the claim by the detective's lawyer now that he may have been drugged at the time. they say there's no mention of that in the report sergeant keith barrel filed after the incident way back in may. barra was suspended last week after the story ran in the "oakland tribune." the tonight the berkeley city council takes up the idea of body cameras for police officers. the points would be to document on video every interaction that officers have at crime scenes. tonight councilmembers are expected to ask the city manager to come back with a plan within three months. and they are also likely to set
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in motion an independent investigation into the police response to public protests back in december. a number of measles cases in the u.s. is up by 20% in the past week. the centers for disease control says 121 people are infected, 17 states, compared to 102 cases in 14 states just a week earlier. the cdc also says 85% trace back to disneyland. georgia is now reporting its first case of measles since 2012! a new study suggests teenager girls do not become careless after getting vaccinated for hpv. critics express concern after getting the vaccine girls could be less cautious putting themselves at risk for other infection. the study headed by a harvard medical school researcher says that's not the case. the centers for disease control recommends hpv vaccines for children when they're young because the vaccines are more effective when given before the child is sexually active. happening today president
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obama is expected to send congress' blueprint for an authorization to use military force against isis. congressional officials say the white house must deal with democrats who don't want another ground war and republicans who want the option still left on the table. meanwhile israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will travel to washington next month to give a speech to congress on iran. there are calls for him to cancel because it's two weeks before the israeli elections which goes against protocol there. but house speaker john boehner says netanyahu has a message the american people need to hear . >> the threat of iran to the reasonable and the rest of the world is a real threat. and i believe that the american people are interested in hearing the truth about what's happening in that part of the world. >> handful of democratic lawmakers plans to skip the speech, calling it inappropriate. there's confusion this morning in alabama over whether
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same-sex couples can actually get married in the state. yesterday, some couples were able to get marriage licenses after a federal judge's order overturning the state's ban went into effect. as soon as that happened the state's chief justice told local probate judges to reject what he called the unlawful action of the federal court. now, some of those probate judges are refusing to issue any marriage licenses. time now is 5:09. a bay area city is making a push for democracy in the hands of teenagers. is it a good idea? more to come on what they will be able to do with their political power. >> reporter: one of the worst bay area commutes might be improving. it will just take some time. coming up, we'll show you the plan and the timeline. >> and speaking of worst commutes often livermore is one of them and today is not helped by a hit-and-run accident. we'll show you where coming up. >> the day it will hit 80, we'll feature that in our seven- day forecast as the news continues right here o
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tuesday, february 10, good morning, everybody. looking toward the bay bridge, we have mostly cloudy skies, areas of patchy fog inland. we'll all have sunshine today cool air mass with high temperatures 60s at the beaches, mid- to high 60s away
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from the bay. and this is a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. traditionally one of the bay area's most tedious commutes. doesn't look too bad now. there are plans though to do something about that commute but it's likely years away. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live in marin county to explain. ryan. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. we're talking about 2018 when construction could start on the richmond/san rafael bridge to add a third eastbound lane. the problem as many folks in the north bay know, the commute is very stressful. 28.6 minutes is the average commute. that's a little bit over the bay area average. so 28.6, that's the average commute from marin, and so the bay area council went through a plan last night to add a third lane eastbound to ease that congestion over in the morning. but commuters, they're frustrated by that 2018 timeline.
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>> it's frustrating that our public agencies are unable to get things done more quickly. >> all the politicians are here. they want to do something. but what he said, let's scrunch that schedule of timing. >> reporter: so part of the problem it's going to cost $74 million and construction crews would need to take out a barrier, a guardrail, basically. that would need to come out that was installed years ago. so of course, some red tape in this process. we're live in marin county, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> a key problem with getting the third lane built is the retaining wall installed years ago and will have to be torn down. we'll keep the traffic theme cooking here on a tuesday and toss to liz and find out what's going on. >> back to the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's fine right now. it's not usually until closer to 7, 8:00 we start to see
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delays across the bridge. drive time in the livermore valley up to 23 minutes because of a hit- and-run accident approaching portola and traffic is stacked up behind it. so you will hit some unusual delays for your westbound 580 ride. i think one lane must be blocked to be seeing the kind of slow traffic we're seeing now. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. still clear in all directions westbound and eastbound 80. san mateo bridge is also fine not really seeing too many issues on the roads this morning so yeah, after a couple of rainy days, so far the roads have been off to a nice dry quiet start. 880 is also fine near oakland airport all the major roadwork projects are picked up now that we're past 5:00. sfo commute looks great to 101 and 280 and mass transit is all on time. i don't have a lot for you. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." let's get an update on your forecast. here's roberta. taking a look out towards the mineta international airport so far no reports of
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any local airport delays and then in addition you can see levi's stadium where a lot of activity is going on today because they are bringing in the ice, they are making the ice there for the nhl stadium series which is on saturday february 21. and my long-range computer model suggests that for the first time hockey game here outdoors in northern california, 70 degrees and lots of sunshine. today just shy of 70 for an outside number. we are going up. temperatures right now going down into the 40s and 50s. i'm seeing some areas of patchy fog primarily around santa rosa and also some pockets of fog in napa this morning. some hazy to foggy conditions around orinda back in through livermore. so we have the patchy fog especially inland. it will be sunny and dry all the way through weekend in fact all the way until next wednesday. but i'm looking at near to record high temperatures. thursday, friday and saturday. meanwhile, this is what you can anticipate today. this is a beautiful area of low pressure but it's banking off the ridge of high pressure
5:17 am
that's now building into the bay area. a few clouds may skirt in underneath that ridge of high pressure. but it will be mostly sunny. what we are doing is transitioning now back into the influence of high pressure and it's actually going to produce an offshore component so temperatures by tomorrow will start moving into the 70s and even 80 degrees by friday. so we'll be talking beach weather today if you are heading to santa cruz. sunshine, 67 degrees swells 6 to 10 feet. you will need sunglasses through monday. 60s throughout the central portion of the state of california. 66 monterey bay as they queue up for the pebble beach golf classic. 51 degrees where it's currently 21 degrees on the south shore. even though they got 15 to 19 inches of snow, they can make it because it's cold overnight. our temperatures into the 60s from 62 in pacifica to 69 degrees that will be the outside number today in gilroy.
5:18 am
notice the gradual climb each day then thursday we start talking about near and record warmth. definitely records on friday and perhaps even on saturday. and oh, did somebody say saturday? >> yes. >> oh, yes, we did. it will be sizzling on valentine's day with temperatures well above average for this time of the year. >> are you trying to remind me that valentine's day is this weekend? >> i think that was a subtle hint. what's remarkable is that we have seen every, single day this year above average temperatures except for january 1 through 4. remarkable. warmest winter on record! >> wow, amazing. all right, roberta, thank you. researchers at uc-davis say they have found another source for the state's air pollution. they say heavily polluted air in parts of asia contributes to our air quality. the researchers set up sensors on a big sur mountaintop where the air should be clean but there was dangerous ozone gas blowing in from across the pacific making it here. teenagers barely old enough to drive could soon be voting in one marin county town. councilmember in fairfax
5:19 am
pushing to lower the voting age to 16. the idea is to boost voter turnout. >> like to see a skate park in fairfax. >> prop 215 legalization of marijuana. >> as ed kennedy said back in the 1970s, we got to bring them into the democratic process. it's time, they are ready for it. >> some work to be done in order for the town to lower the voting age the state would have to agree. two suburbs of washington, d.c. have done it already and san francisco is talking about trying it, as well. it is 5:19. tech giant apple is going airborne. the airline now letting passengers use apple-pay to purchase inflight amenities. >> good morning, everybody. i got action from the ice. i got warriors action. i got action everywhere. i'm just going to just roll it right on out there. don't move. >> he is a gambling man. all right, vern. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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>> you're going out today, aren't you? >> i am, to daly city. >> we would like to come to your school, too. so check it out. let us know and we'll see if
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this is one of the worst commutes in the bay area and we have an added hot spot an
5:23 am
accident westbound 580 at portola. you can see the backups just behind it. i think one lane must be blocked. it was reported as a hit-and- run crash. the drive time is already almost a half-hour from the altamont pass. we'll have a look at the rest of the bay area commute. it's all coming up on "kcbs traffic." silicon valley is gearing up for one of the bay area's biggest sporting events of the year. the 49ers santa clara stadium is about to freeze over for the nhl stadium series game between the san jose sharks and stanley cup champion los angeles kings. a 53-foot trailer arrived yesterday all the way from toronto. it's going to transform the football field into an outdoor ice rink. special insulation will cover the ice in the days leading up to the game to protect it from the sun and the game is scheduled for saturday, february 21. good morning, everybody. if the warriors are 41-9, they have one more game left before the all-star break and rolling
5:24 am
right rue the east coast. last night it was philadelphia. look at this. an autograph from little league world series star mo'ne davis for steph curry. pick it up late first half, tied at 41. curry makes the highlights. the sixers were down but they were pesky. warriors shook 'em loose. shaken livingston to andre iguodala the one-time 76er, put the warriors up 14. they won the game. but they did lose draymond green late as he rolled his ankle. x-rays were negative. it is a sprain. they won 89-84. they have minnesota coming up on wednesday. let's drop the puck, shall we? oh, patrick marleau a little frustrated. they lost four of five. tail end of the opening period against calgary, burns put it between the pipes to cut the flames' lead in half at 2-1. but the flames weren't going away. hoodleer found the net a third period goal. and the flames have won four of
5:25 am
five in this series. they won 4-1 and leaped past san jose for second in the division in this marathon of a season. that will do it for sports at this hour. i'll see you around. >> vern, get some rest. play of the day, college basketball, florida state over a duke opponent for a dunk. guess what? he got tagged tore a foul. -- he got tagged for a foul but in the end of the blue devils beat the seminoles on a nice three-point play 73-70. the dukes with the win but what a jam by florida state. it is 5:25 right now. the bay area woman known for sneaking on planes is at it again. where police caught up with her this time. how she managed to go unnoticed. >> reporter: police say a car tried to run an officer over and that's when he opened fire. i'm kiet do live in sunnyvale with more on how the suspect is
5:26 am
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at suspect on the run after shots are fired during a traffic stop. why that officer used his weapon. >> in los angeles an out-of- control driver takes police on a high-speed chase turning the afternoon rush into a scary commute. >> if you are a highway 4 commuter slow traffic for the start of the morning drive especially through antioch. we'll show you the slowest spots coming up. >> i'll pinpoint the day to expect 80 degrees coming up. good morning, it's tuesday,
5:30 am
february 10. nearly 5:30 now. and some developing news. a car burglary suspect is at large after a confrontation that prompted an officer to open fire. it happened also night on el camino real in sunnyvale and kpix 5's kiet do is at the intersection in sunnyvale where the incident played out where a high-speed chase played out. kiet. >> reporter: one of the busiest intersections in sunnyvale is back open this morning. a suspect is on the loose after police say he tried to run an officer down. the unmarked santa clara police suv pulled up in front of a car burglary suspect on el camino real nearly wolfe road just before 6:00 last night. when the officer got out, things literally took a turn for the worse. >> just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: sunnyvale police say as the officer walked towards the suspect's parked car the driver used his car as a weapon. >> the vehicle drove towards the officer at high rate of
5:31 am
speed. officer fearing for his life fired several shots at the vehicle. it was last seen fleeing northbound on wolfe road. >> reporter: a second police cruiser who had stopped behind the suspect as car took off after it but couldn't keep up. during the chaos, neighbor julie barker had taken cover inside her trailer home. >> and i looked to the sky because i thought it was fireworks and my husband panicked and grabbed me and threw me inside the rv. >> reporter: they do not have a good description of the suspect and they do not know how many suspects were inside that car. all the police can say now is that that white mercedes sedan likely has bullet holes in it. we're live in sunnyvale. kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you, kiet. the officer opened fire now on paid administrative leave standard procedure as a police shooting. saturday is valentine's day. i need to buy a gift or something. >> or a card. >> yeah. you always have good ideas. >> i'll come up with something. >> and frank? >> um, yeah. [ laughter ]
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>> you know what i'm providing for everybody for valentine's day? a great big hug and also lots of sunshine. but i got rain for you, too. that's next week. right now we're talk about the areas of patchy fog in santa rosa and napa beginning to clear. livermore is also reporting clear skies as of now. just 15 minutes ago i had areas of patchy fog. it's 49 in fremont. as you take a look at these temperatures, yes, they're cooler than they have been in several days when we had the subtropical moisture just fueling over the entire area. now we have the clarity and we have the cooler dry air mass going to feel the difference out the door this morning. winds 5 to 15 miles an hour later today from the north. 67 degrees in oakland. mid-60s around the pins. should be 63 in san jose so these numbers are trending up but wait! we have near and record warmth kick-starting with thursday. by friday, 80 degrees the outside number in gilroy but obviously we are going to shatter all kinds of record mild temperatures here in the
5:33 am
bay area thursday, friday and saturday. monday a hint of clouds. i'm not looking at rain until wednesday. liz? thank you, roberta. we have a hot spot this morning in livermore. 580 and westbound drivers. you can see the backup right now it's because of a hit-and- run crash reported near portola. 19 miles per hour. we are trying to confirm with chp that a lane is blocked but you can see the backups in the area, it's bumping up the drive time to almost a half-hour from the altamont pass and slow-and- go looks like from 205. once you get past that portola exit, everything is in the clear. let's go flying over westbound highway 4. if you are cruising through antioch i'm going to pause it there. the slowest traffic is between hillcrest and "a" street. typical for this time of the morning. then it clears out no delays through pittsburg, bay point or concord. checking the rest of your bay area ride here's a live look at the nimitz 880 in oakland. no delay near oakland airport. and so far, everything is
5:34 am
problem-free down into hayward. but look at the bay bridge. what a difference just a few minutes makes. delays already beginning to build in the cash lanes. no metering lights yet. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a suspect is hospitalized and in custody after a wild car chase and series of crashes in los angeles county. [ tires screeching and sirens ] >> this is cell phone video of one of six collisions that took place all during yesterday evening's commute. police say the man tried to carjack two drivers and actually did force one woman out of her car at gunpoint. >> he pointed the gun at me. [ crying ] >> i stopped the car and ran. i was just scared he was going to hurt me. [ crying ] >> the chase began when a police officer tried to pull over a car that had been reported stolen. it finally ended in montebello where the man led about a dozen officers on a foot chase. investigators say he brandished
5:35 am
a gun and attempted another carjacking prompting officers to open fire at him. we are learning more about the case of a teenaged boy allegedly kidnapped, raped and robbed a domino's pizza delivery driver in. the victim said she arrived at a bogus address on bluebell circle to find the suspect waiting to her. he pulled out a gun ordered her to drive to another location attacked her and when she drove him back, he ran away. but he didn't get far. >> she was shaken up but composed enough to provide us with a very good detailed statement as to what happened which enabled the officers to gather enough information to locate a suspect and take him into custody. >> and that suspect is 17 years old. police are not identifying him publicly but say he does have a criminal past. domino's pizza said in a statement, we will be working with that franchise owner to provide the victim with whatever kind of support she needs. the woman who has come to
5:36 am
be known as the serial stowaway has been arrested again. investigators say 63-year-old marilyn hartman got on a plane from minnesota to florida without a ticket and impersonated a hotel guest to get a room at a resort near jacksonville. they say after she was caught, she slipped away and took shelter in a room that was being renovated. police arrested hartman a number of times at the san francisco airport for trying to board flights without tickets. last year she managed to sneak on a flight from san jose to los angeles. well, the number of measles cases here in the u.s. increased by nearly 20% in the past week. the centers for disease control says 121 people are infected 17 states now compare that to 102 cases in 14 states just a week earlier. the cdc also says 85% trace back to disneyland. georgia is now reporting its first case of measles since 2012. jetblue airways will reportedly be the first airline
5:37 am
to use apple pay in flight. according to "usa today," jetblue passengers will be able to use apple pay with their iphone 6 and 6 plus starting next week. cupertino-based apple unveiled its mobile payment system in september as the headlining feature of its new line of iphones. we are well into the 2014 tax filing season and by now, you should have received most of the documents necessary to attack your taxes. >> attack your taxes. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us with some of the changes you're likely to encounter as you prepare your returns. jill, good morning. tell us, this is the first year we have to deal with that affordable care act. what should we know about that? >> reporter: it is the biggie and according to the irs, more than three out of four taxpayers will simply have to check a box and that will acknowledge that you had health insurance last year. now, remember, these are people who are covered with what is called qualifying insurance.
5:38 am
that includes employer-provided coverage, medicare, medicaid, chip and cobra. >> what about people who don't have qualifying insurance? >> reporter: you know, a lot of americans will actually qualify for an exemption from carrying health insurance. there are those who can't afford coverage because of low income. maybe someone's not a u.s. citizen. if you had a gap in coverage for less than three consecutive months or maybe you're a member of a religious organization with objections to health insurance. all of you may be among those who qualify for exemptions. i should note here, do check with the irs website to see if you qualify for an exemption. if you don't and you don't have coverage you're going to pay that penalty. the greater of, pay attention, $95 per uninsured adult and that's capped at 285 or 1% of your household income. >> a lot of taxpayers do qualify for premium tax credits. what should those folks do? >> well, if you got your healthcare through a
5:39 am
marketplace, you got that tax credit, you should have received a form called 1095-a. ah, the 1095-a, i know it well. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that contains details of your coverage and should also have your premium tax credit. some of you may have to reconcile the credit if you got an advance payment. you will have to file a special irs form. for more on what is new this tax filing season and links to all those irs forms, you can go to >> all right, sounds great, jill schlesinger, thank you. >> thank you, jill. cheaper better robots will replace humans in the world's factories at a faster pace over the next decade, they say. the boston consulting group report says that will push down labor costs 16% worldwide and 22% in the u.s. amazon fulfillment centers like this one in sacramento are already pushing out robotic technology. only 10% of jobs that can be automated have been so far.
5:40 am
it is 5:39 right now. a new report out shows that the state drinking supply may not be as protected as we would like. the new plan from state officials to prevent contamination. >> reporter: there's a plan to ease one of the bay area's worst commutes but it's a few years away. coming up, i'll tell you what the what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned.
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5:43 am
-- [ indiscernible ] >> richmond/san rafael -- >> this is quiet as the morning commute gets going but the afternoon commute can actually be a real grind and there are plans to improve the situation. but that could take a long time and more now from kpix 5's ryan takeo who joins us live from marin county. ryan. >> reporter: michelle, if you are used to this drive from the north bay over to the east bay, well, you're used to waiting. but frustrated drivers they have little patience for the wheels of bureaucracy. >> reporter: the biggest logjam in the bay area trying to get from san rafael to richmond. the daily bridge backup typically runs 7 miles. >> it's difficult. definitely. you just sitting in your car all the time when it can be done! >> reporter: a proposed third lane eastbound is barreling down the red tape expressway but the total of $74 million fix including a bike lane is just a blip on the horizon with construction not slated until 2018. >> it's frustrating that our public agencies are unable to
5:44 am
get things done more quickly. >> reporter: a meeting of the bay area council laid out the fix and the timeline much to the chagrin of stranded drivers who want a fix soon year. >> when we look at how quickly the earthquake damage was fixed and how quickly the damaged bridge at the maze was fixed, certainly doesn't seem it should take three years to fix this. >> everybody is in favor of this. all the politicians are here. they want to do something. but what he says, let's scrunch that schedule of timing. >> reporter: there is hope on the horizon to speed this process up. assembly member mark levine has introduced ab157. that would combine the design process with the environmental review process. live in marin county, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> a key problem is the retaining wall that was installed many years ago. it will have to be torn down. it's a process. >> it is.
5:45 am
>> in a big way. >> 5:44. how about some traffic? here's liz with that. >> thanks. we have our own issues out the door. richmond/san rafael bridge fortunately is not one of them. it's 580 the drive out of the altamont. i want to go flying over. you can see the wind turbines there out of the altamont pass. look at that all red sensors end to end from 205 to the livermore valley. finally we see improvement near the dublin interchange. it's because of this earlier hit-and-run crash near portola. we just got word all clear though all lanes now back open. unfortunately, the damage has been done. drive time is over a half-hour in that long line of red sensors which goes back to 205. i'm not seeing any sensors above 20 miles per hour. bay bridge they turned on the metering lights early today at 5:38. no reason why. we never saw a stall or crash. but they're on early so that means the backups started early, as well. it is jammed solid through the overcrossings all right you can see the backups now in the cash
5:46 am
and fastrak lanes. eastshore freeway approach still looks okay at 20 minutes but yeah, you will be waiting for a while and they have been switching on the lights earlier and earlier so now if you commute into san francisco, around this time of the morning, every day. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no delays so far out of sausalito into san francisco. you can see the drive time there 14 minutes between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. or if you just want to ditch the roads altogether and ride mass transit this has been a great morning so far for mass transit. we haven't seen any issues for "ace" train. no issues. all mass transit on time. if you have any questions about your morning commute once you hit the roads, remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740- am. that's the latest from here. let's get an update on your forecast. talking 80s. 80s by the end of the workweek. good morning, everybody. but today you could stash that umbrella and grab a light jacket out the door. this is your morning in
5:47 am
progress as we take a sneak peek out towards the bay bridge. we currently have clear skies. oakland 50. san francisco 52. away from the bay it's in the 40s inland. cooler than recent mornings. minus the subtropical moisture. so it's mainly clear now. we did have some areas of patchy fog, but we're already scrubbing that out very early due to a bit of a northerly wind up to about 5 miles per hour. it's going to be sunny and dry kick-starting today all the way through the weekend. in fact, all the way through president's day for the holiday on monday. i don't see any rain returning to the bay area until next wednesday. and we are going to be looking at record high temperatures again right here in the bay area thursday through saturday. sure, we do have an area of low pressure off the coast right now. some of these clouds will try to make it up and over the ridge of high pressure. overall mostly sunny skies. high pressure is now building in from the pacific and as it does so, it's going to stay put over the state of california and return us more to that offshore northeast wind and
5:48 am
that's an offshore component dry air mass. fire danger increases. and also with the pollen count i believe by saturday ragweed comes into play. back into the 70s by thursday. 80 degrees outside number on friday. seven-day forecast still straight ahead. meanwhile dry from the northwestern section of the state of california through sacramento into monterey bay where they are setting up for the at&t pro-am golf classic. 51 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area where currently it's 21 so it's cold enough to make snow but they have received reports from 15 to 19 inches at the top of mountain ridges. homewood will be opening up on friday. here's your sun-up today at 7:09. by the time it sets tonight at 5:43, these temperatures slightly above average, in fact every, single day this year except for january 1 through january 4 have we been realizing above average temperatures. so this is going to go down as one of the warmest winters ever in the bay area history. and these numbers qualify that.
5:49 am
look at friday. 80 degrees in gilroy. otherwise, boy, you know what? you could follow all along with me. all you have to do is get the cbs bay area weather app. check your conditions in your neighborhood, get realtime radar. search "kpix" and download the cbs bay area weather app, now available for both iphones and android. under weather news on that app, you will have a menu and you will find my blog. i wrote yesterday about this being the warmest winter on record. >> we'll have to check it out. >> you have to get that app, don't you? >> i have it. >> do you? >> no comment. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> i will. [ laughter ] it's 5:49. take a look. nasa has released some unique new sunrise images. the video shows the sunlight meeting with the aurora borealis over the east coast. the northern lights are the result of reaction to sun
5:50 am
particles in the earth's upper atmosphere. usually only visible near the north and south poles. but that is a beautiful shot. >> i know. beautiful images. the city of boston is trying to dig out from another two feet of snow. more than 70 inches have fallen in the past three weeks. that's the most ever recorded in boston in a 30-day stretch. today all subways, trolleys and commuter trains are shut down so crews can clear the snow and ice from tracks and schools will remain closed and more snow is possible on thursday. and people evacuated from two communities ravaged by a wildfire in the eastern sierra are being allowed to return. that includes the owners. 40 homes that were destroyed. the fire started friday afternoon fueled by winds between 50 and 75 miles an hour. the flames have scorched 11 square miles. the fire is now 95% contained with full containment expected later today. and the cause of the fire is
5:51 am
under investigation. but dry vegetation from drought is probably a factor. 5:50. dozens of pigeons lure need a bay area parking lot and run down. ♪♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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5:54 am
good morning. everyone, on this tuesday, taking a look ahead at a dry weather pattern setting up, no chance of rain until a week from tomorrow so go ahead, get on outside and enjoy. 80 degrees in our outlying areas by friday. >> and this is for south bay commuters we are just beginning to see our commute under way now on 101 in san jose. it looks like it begins right around tully. it extends just past 880 with delays. so a full look at the drive times, plus a check of bay area bridges, it's all coming up. this morning, police are still looking for the driver who intentionally plowed through a flock of pigeons killing 20 of them. you can see the result of what happened. a few dead bird and some feathers still lying in the parking lot of a public boat launch? vallejo. police say driver waited for just the right moment to run down the flock.
5:55 am
>> the birds piled up he did this killed as many as he can and just took off. >> it happened so fast, police only have a vehicle description, a blue van seen leaving the scene. animal control is caring for five pigeons that survived. a driver accused in a deadly street racing crash in san jose did not enter a plea during a court appearance yesterday. 18-year-old gabriel esparza charged with vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors say he and manuel avalos going about 70 miles per hour when they lost control of their cars on yerba buena road last month one of the cars hitting a killing a 21-year-old woman kiran pabla out jogging at the time. both face up to six years in jail if convicted. california is proposing new guidelines to protect drinking water from oil and gas operations. state regulators say there are too many oilfields near protected water aquifers and that has the potential for contamination. they told the epa about sweeping changes they want to
5:56 am
make including making regulatory changes to keep oil and gas operations away from water supplies. time now is 5:56. a suspected car thief leading police in southern california on a wild high-speed chase leaving a trail of destruction in its wake caught on camera. you will hear from a woman carjacked in the crime spree. >> a suspect is on the loose after police say he tried to run an officer over with the car. the officer opened fire. i'm kiet do with a live report on how police are looking
5:57 am
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he goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, booming boom. >> a santa clara police officer opened fire on a care burglary suspect last night after following the suspect to sunnyvale. when he approached the car, the driver tried to run him over. >> more than 70 inches of snow have fallen in boston in the past three weeks alone.
6:00 am
>> storm-weary new england is dealing with up to two feet of fresh snow. boston has suspended subway, trolley and commuter rail service today. and more bad weather could hit later this week. >> so that somebody would buy you a ticket, give you the ticket for you to come to see us. >> the woman known as the serial stowaway once again managed to board a plane without a ticket. police say marilyn hartman flew from minnesota to florida where she was arrested yesterday. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning" captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. and we begin with some developing news. a suspect on the loose after allegedly trying to run down an officer from santa clara prompting that officer to open fire. it happened last night on el camino real in sunnyvale. and kpix 5's kiet do is at that intersection in sunn


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